oct 10, 2021
Read time: 5 minutes

What is a blockchain game?

In recent years, cryptocurrency has become a global phenomenon and a hot topic of discussion everywhere. Cryptocurrency has risen from something only discussed in the shadows of the internet to a mainstream news headline that is becoming more and more difficult to ignore. In fact, various sectors and industries have been benefiting from the ease and convenience it provides as a medium for daily transactions that eliminate money from the hands of government agencies and allows money transfers across anywhere in the world without the high costs charged by money transfer services and traditional banks. Many people also hold cryptocurrency as a long-term storer of value and a way to build wealth for their future due to its remarkable room for growth.

This has captured the imagination of game developers and inspired them to develop games based on the same technology that empowers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. While blockchain gaming is very much in its infancy stage, these technological advancements are now disrupting the traditional gaming industry by allowing players to earn real-world money while playing, thereby rewarding their time and effort in playing the game. It was also proven to be a safe and secure way to monetize in-game assets thanks to its distributed ledger, known as the blockchain. In order to fully understand what blockchain games are, you need to know a little about the core of crypto gaming and how it works. At its core, a blockchain technology can be defined as a decentralized digital ledger of transactions that comes with a built-in permanent audit trail--making it extremely difficult to cheat, hack, or alter the system. The goal of blockchain is to allow digital information to be recorded and distributed in real-time across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.

When a game is built on a blockchain, in-game assets have a tangible value that users can own and offload for real money. Unlike in traditional gaming where everything from skins, weapons, in-game currency, and assets are all confined to the game itself, blockchain games allow players to own a small part of the game. NFTs or also known as non-fungible tokens play a major role in allowing players to earn items with provable scarcity, making them digital collectibles. This gives its players the chance to acquire in-game assets that they can trade or sell to other players for cryptocurrency. Players can then convert these items into cryptocurrency and cash them out through their preferred crypto platform. It also encourages people to adds hours of gameplay to their favorite games while gaining true item ownership of the items acquired in the game instead of losing them the moment they stop playing the game. Undoubtedly, crypto gaming has grown into a billion-dollar market and has provided an enormous potential for gamers to have new income streams. Furthermore, with the blockchain gaming sector now growing to unprecedented heights, the ease of transaction and security of these games have improved even more.

When you're a hardcore gamer, you may have the powerful urge to climb the competency hierarchies of gaming and invest not only hours but weeks into it. Coupled with your motivation to earn extra money, giving these play-to-earn games a shot can invigorate the competitiveness inside you and not realize hours have gone by. However, the sad truth about blockchain games is that there is no real fun inside many of them. While we all know that the biggest factor pushing crypto enthusiasts to spend hours playing blockchain games is to earn rewards and exchange them for fiat currency, it is still important for the game itself to be enjoyable and exciting to play. Something that will keep you glued to your seats as you complete each level. Something that will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the story of a game--completely forgetting all your worries for a while. But the good news is, you don't have to settle with boring play-to-earn games or stick with crypto mining because we are here to shake things up and provide you with a play-to-earn game that will take the boredom off of you, while also allowing you to invest some money in the process and get a decent return on the time you spend in-game.